About MoLe

MoLe is an Android front end to hledger-web, which in turn is a web front end to the plain text accounting tool hledger.

The name MoLe comes from Mobile Ledger.


  • Multiple backends
  • List accounts with their current balance
  • Transaction list with filter by account name
  • Input of new transactions with auto-fill from previous transactions

The development is still ongoing, here are some of the planned features:

  • Reports
  • More filters for the transaction list, navigation by date
  • Auto-filling of transaction details from SMS (e.g. from your bank) or QR code


Account list Profile list Transaction list New transaction entry

Compatible hledger-web versions

MoLe is known to work with hledger-web versions 1.10 and 1.14. Versions 1.11-1.13 are problematic because the HTML has changed compared to 1.10 and they lack the JSON API introduced in 1.14.


You may find MoLe on F-Droid.


0.10.2 (git commits)

  • FIXES:
    • two fixes in the JSON parser by Mattéo Delabre (for version 1.14+ hledger-web backends)

0.10.1 (git commits)

    • multi-color progress indicators
  • FIXES:
    • avoid a crash when parsing amounts like '1,234.56'
    • show new transaction button when re-entering the app
    • use a color that is different for the new transaction submission progress
    • keep account name filter upon app re-entry
    • add MoLe version to the crash report

0.10.0 (git commits)

  • NEW:
    • profile list is a prime-time element in the side drawer, always visible
    • better app icon
    • adjust feature graphic to better fit the f-droid client's interface
    • more translations
    • more readable theme colors
    • better, smoother color selector
    • internal improvements
    • omit debug log messages in production build
    • avoid multiple acc/trn list updating when switching profiles
    • remove unused Options side drawer element
    • better "swipe up to show button" implementation, without a dummy padding row under the list
    • better async DB operations
    • account name filter shown only on transaction list
    • profile-dependent colors in the header items - account name filter, cancel refresh button
    • fix "synthetic" accounts created when backend skips unused accounts

0.9.5 (git commits)

    • nicer icon for the new transaction floating action button
  • FIXES:
    • layout fixes for the color selection dialog

0.9.4 (git commits)

  • FIXED:
    • don't attempt to create app shortcuts (and crash) un pre 7.1 devices
    • fix profile list expansion on pre 7.1 devices
    • fix first run experience

0.9.3 (git commits)

  • FIXED:
    • fix saving of new transactions from the app shortcut when the main app is not running

0.9.2 (git commits)

  • FIXED:
    • fix account name auto-completion when the new transaction screen is invoked by an app shortcut and the main app is not running

0.9.1 (git commits)

    • fix a crash when the new transaction is invoked by an app shortcut and the main app is not running

0.9 (git commits)

  • NEW:
    • App shortcuts for starting the new transaction activity on Android 7.1+
    • Auto-filling of the accounts in the new transaction screen can be limitted to the transactions using accounts corresponding to a filter -- the filter is set in the profile details
    • Account list: Accounts with many commodities have their commodity list collapsed to avoid filling too much of the screen with one account
    • Account list: Viewing account's transactions migrated to a context menu
    • Transaction list: Back now returns to the accounts list when activated after viewing account's transactions
    • Profile details: deleting a profile requires confirmation
    • Enable animations when adding/removing rows in the new transaction screen
    • Better visual feedback when removing transaction details rows by side-swiping
    • New transactions are now sent via the JSON API if it is available
    • Better progress handling while downloading transactions via the JSON API
  • FIXED:
    • Transaction list: keep account name filter when the device is rotated
    • Avoid a restart upon app startup when the active profile uses a non-default colour theme
    • Account commodities no longer disappear after updating the data from the remote backend via the JSON API
    • Fix handling of missing parent accounts in the legacy parser
    • Removed a couple of memory leaks


git clone https://git.ktnx.net/git/mobile-ledger.git


Most of MoLe is Copyright ⓒ 2018, 2019 by Damyan Ivanov dam+mole@ktnx.net and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 or later.

Additional libraries and icons are used under the Apache 2.0 license. See README.md.