About MoLe

MoLe is an Android front end to hledger-web, which in turn is a web front end to the plain text accounting tool hledger.

The name MoLe comes from Mobile Ledger.


  • Multiple backends
  • Hierarchical list accounts with their current balance
  • Transaction list with filter by account name
  • Input of new transactions with auto-fill from previous transactions
  • Support for currencies/commodities
  • Support for transaction comments (per transaction and per posting)
  • Transaction templates matched against QR code

The development is still ongoing, here are some of the planned features:

  • Reports
  • More filters for the transaction list, navigation by date
  • Match templates with clipboard and SMS (e.g. from your bank)


Account list
Account list screenshot
Profiles screenshot
Transaction list
Transaction list screenshot
New transaction entry
New transaction entry screenshot

Compatible hledger-web versions

MoLe is known to work with hledger-web versions 1.10 and 1.14+.

Versions 1.11-1.13 are problematic because the HTML has changed compared to 1.10 and they lack the JSON API introduced in 1.14.


You may find MoLe on F-Droid.


0.21.1 (2021-12-30), git commits

    • add hledger-web 1.23 support when adding transactions too
    • correct running total when a matching transaction is added in the past
    • fix crash when sending transaction containing only empty amounts

0.21.0 (2021-12-09), git commits

  • NEW
    • Add support for hledger-web 1.23
    • Ship database support file missed in v0.20.4

0.20.4 (2021-11-18), git commits

    • Incompatibility with hledger-web 1.23+
    • fix auto-completion of transaction description

0.20.3 (2021-09-29), git commits

    • another fix to DB migration from v0.16.0

0.20.2 (2021-09-23), git commits

  • NEW
    • cloud backup
    • two database problems fixed, one causing crashes at startup

0.20.1 (2021-09-09), git commits

    • New transaction: focus amount upon account selection
    • New transaction: fix a crash when returning to the activity with no focused input field
    • fix a crash in DB upgrade introduced in v0.20.0
    • fix config restore with null values
    • move away from deprecated AsyncTask

0.20.0 (2021-08-22), git commits

  • NEW
    • backup/restore of profile/template configuration to a file
    • fix a couple of crashes related to starting new transaction via shortcut

0.19.2 (2021-06-09), git commits

    • fix auto-completion of transaction names with non-ASCII characters on some Android variants/versions (broken in 0.18.0)

0.19.1 (2021-05-23), git commits

    • fix a bug in new transaction screen when an invalid amount is entered
    • fix loading a previous transaction by description (again)
    • fix crash when parsing of hledger version with only two components

0.19.0 (2021-05-10), git commits

  • NEW
    • add commodity support to the templates
    • display running totals when filtering transaction list by account
    • show current balance in account chooser (new transactions)
    • more prominent background for auto-complete pop-ups in dark mode
    • better placement of account balances with very long/deep account names
    • honor default commodity setting in new transaction screen
    • honor changes in currently active profile
    • fix propagation of speculative account updates to parent accounts

Older releases

Older releases can be seen by browsing the list of tags in the source repository.


View in browser, or

git clone https://git.ktnx.net/git/mobile-ledger.git


Most of MoLe is Copyright ⓒ 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 by Damyan Ivanov dam+mole@ktnx.net and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 or later.

Additional libraries and icons are used under the Apache 2.0 license. See README.md.